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Global bachata icon Prince Royce is set to release his seventh studio album titled "Llamada Perdida" - a two-year creative journey that promises to be his most personal and uplifting release yet. The album is a celebration of overcoming obstacles, particularly in love, and represents the end of a chapter in life and embracing the excitement of a fresh start. "Llamada Perdida" takes a positive approach to heartbreak and its aftermath. The bachata album features 23 tracks, some of which include classical instrumentation like violins as a nod to his early days. 

Fans can expect to hear Prince Royce's signature sound while also experiencing a new and elevated level of artistry on "Llamada Perdida”.  The album is a testament to Royce's growth as an artist, with more mature lyrics and a more self-confident sound. The songs are strewn together via voicemail messages, serving as interludes to certain tracks.

Prince Royce - Llamada Perdida
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Known as the biggest K-Pop girl group in the world, TWICE is back with a new album titled With YOU-th which tells the members' tight sisterhood and unbreakable bond, providing a glimpse into their radiant youth together. Includes hit song “I GOT YOU.” Contents of the album include a CD, Cover, Photobook, Envelope, 3-Cut Photo (random 1 of 3), Photocard (random 5 of 45), Film Photocard (random 1 of 9), Letter Poster (random 1 of 9), Sticker, Poster and Photocard Set. Dimensions: 210 x 150 x 9 mm.
TWICE - With YOU-th [Blast ver.]
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"This edition of Original Sufferhead is a major event. With the release of box set #5, and now on this reissue, the title track of this magnificent album is presented in its full-length, 25 minutes 24 seconds glory. While preparing the master disc for the box set, our engineer Jedi, Colin Young, discovered four minutes of “lost” material on the B-side of the original pressing, including a superb keyboard solo by Fela. This had been omitted from subsequent reissues. The restored version used here starts and finishes with Fela’s keyboard work, a typically venturesome blend of futurism and visceralism.

Original Sufferhead was the first album Fela released under Egypt 80’s name (he had disbanded Afrika 70 in 1979).

On the title track, arguing from the personal to the political, Fela describes the inhuman treatment and poor living conditions experienced by working class Nigerians, the people he called sufferheads. In “Power Show,” Fela sings about the two-tier system dividing Nigerian society, in which the rich get treated one way and the poor another. This edition is pressed on ewuro (opaque light green) vinyl."

Fela Kuti - Original Sufferhead [Opaque Light Green LP]
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Overtake Don Overtake Overtake was the penultimate album of newly recorded studio material released by Fela before he passed in 1997. Like its immediate predecessor, Beasts Of No Nation (also 1989), and its follow-up, Underground System (1992), the album finds Fela continuing to campaign for human rights and social change despite the relentless beatings, jailings and general harassment he had received from successive military regimes since the start of the 1970s. This edition is pressed on alawọ ewe(transparent green) vinyl.
Fela Kuti - O.D.O.O. (Overtake Don Overtake Overtake) [Transparent Green LP]
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"Fela used the cover of Ikoyi Blindness to announce his change of middle name from Ransome, which he now considered a slave name, to Anikulapo, which means “he who carries death in his pouch.” The front cover shows Ransome crossed out and Anikulapo added above it. Fela also used the album cover to announce the Africanisation of Africa 70’s name, changing it to Afrika 70.

In the title track, Fela draws attention to the economic chasm separating the haves and have-nots of Nigerian society, contrasting the get-rich-at-all-costs mindset of the residents of the prosperous Lagos suburb Ikoyi with the more community-minded attitude of the poor inhabitants of the Mushin, Maroko, Ajegunle and Somolu neighbourhoods. Ikoyi residents are blind to the sufferings of less fortunate people, says Fela.

Fela returns to the topic on the second track, “Gba Mi Leti Ki N’Dolowo (Slap Me Make I Get Money).” In Lagos in 1975 and 1976, there had been an upsurge in police and military personnel assaults on people in the street; motorists were commonly pulled out of their vehicles and given a whipping for minor traffic offences. Scandalously, the police and soldiers were being allowed to get away with corruption in broad daylight. In the lyric, Fela demands that the judiciary administer the law equally, without fear or favour. This edition is pressed on iresi(opaque white) vinyl."

Fela Kuti - Ikoyi Blindness [White LP]
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Tri colored Vinyl (Red, Gold, Green). Junior Marvin is widely recognized as an all-time great reggae musician and Musical Director and guitarist of Bob Marley's iconic band, The Wailers. Junior's new album, Happy Family, will be released 2/16/24 and will coincide with the theatrical release of One Love, the Bob Marley Paramount biopic feature film on 2/14/24. In the film, the role of Junior is played by his real-life son, Davo, who is also a musical artist. The first single from Happy Family will be Junior's new recording of "One Love". Junior Marvin was born in Jamaica and grew up in London and met the late Tuff Gong icon on Valentine's Day in 1977 (ironically the same day the film will be released) who touted him as the "young Jimi Hendrix of London". Marley immediately asked Junior to join his band as lead guitarist and became one of Marley's closest friends up until his death. Junior's guitar playing was a huge influence on Marley, and his musicianship can be clearly heard on such seminal Marley tracks as "Could You Be Loved" (which Junior originally wrote and gave to Marley), "Waiting in Vain, " "Buffalo Soldier, " "The Heathen", "One Love" and "Jamming".
Junior Marvin - Happy Family [Red, Gold & Green LP]
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J-Pop sensation Travis Japan share debut album Road To A. The album’s title is a creation of the members themselves. “A” stands for “Authenticity”, capturing Travis Japan’s dedication to delivering the genuine essence of entertainment signifying their commitment to delivering authentic and trustworthy entertainment. The album includes singles “JUST DANCE” AND “LEVEL UP.” Limited Edition 2 CD includes bonus disc with 8 additional tracks.
Travis Japan - Road To A [Limited Edition J] [2 CD]
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NCT 127 Winter special single ‘Be There For Me’ comprises a total of 3 songs, including the title track of the same name, ‘Home Alone’, and ‘White Lie’. 127 STEREO Ver. is available in 2 versions: A Side and B Side. 127 STEREO Ver. includes a *Photobook(72p), *CD, *Polaroid, *Post Stamp, *Postcard *Sticker and *Photocard. (*Assets unique to each version).
NCT 127 - Winter Special Single ‘Be There For Me’ [127 STEREO Ver.]
$18.98 Video
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For the first time ever, BTS’ highly successful mini album Love Yourself 轉 'Tear' is now available on vinyl! Featuring the group’s hit songs “FAKE LOVE” and “The Truth Untold (feat. Steve Aoki),” Love Yourself 轉 'Tear' landed on the top of the charts across the globe upon its original release in 2018. Contents of this vinyl album package include a 12” Vinyl, Outer Sleeve, Booklet, Hologram Photo Card Set (incl. 7ea), Post Card and Sticker Set (incl. 2ea). Product Dimensions: 316 x 316 x 6 mm.

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ITZY is back and ready to make a statement with their latest album BORN TO BE, which will be available in three versions: Version A, Version B and Version C. Contents of the album include: CD, Photobook (60 pages), Photo Card (random 2 of 16), Lyric Book (24 pages), Mini-Folding Poster (random 1 of 4), Eyes Photo Card (random 1 of 4), Mood Film (random 1 of 4), Post Card (random 1 of 4), Poster (random 1 of 2). Dimensions: 210 x 150 x 5 mm.

ITZY - BORN TO BE [Version A]
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RSD Essential 059 - 40th Anniversary Pressing - Arriving in 1984, Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt was recorded at Channel One and mixed by Sylvan Morris at Harry J Studio. Produced by the legendary Henry "Junjo" Lawes. There wasn't a weak number on this ten-song set and all backed by blistering riddims from the Roots Radics. The album's title track was a huge Jamaican and global hit.
Yellowman - Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt [RSD Essential Lemonade LP]
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RSD Essential 058 - 50th Anniversary Pressing - This deluxe reissue includes a second album with 8 bonus tracks – ‘Pick A Vocal’. The original 1974 release of Keith Hudson's 'Pick A Dub' showcased the enduring strength and pivotal importance of the development of reggae music. Keith Hudson's complete mastery of the genre and the unqualified praise that followed its release was fully justified. The album's austere sonic qualities are awe inspiring, the superb rhythms are given full rein, unencumbered by extra effects and studio trickery. ‘Pick A Dub’ is as mesmerizing now as it was fifty years ago.
Keith Hudson - Pick A Dub [RSD Essential Black Ice 2LP]
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GRAMMY Award-winner Kali Uchis releases her fourth studio album, Orquídeas. Marking Uchis’ striking return to Spanish-language music, the project features a superstar lineup with KAROL G, Peso Pluma, El Alfa, and JT. Inspired by the sensual allure of Colombia’s national flower, the orchid, Orquídeas traverses multiple Latin genres including reggaeton, dembow, bolero and salsa furthering Uchis’ connection to her Colombian roots. Indie Exclusive Silver Metallic LP with alternate cover.

Kali Uchis - Orquídeas [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Alternative Cover Silver Metallic LP]
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aespa presents their fourth mini-album, featuring the title track ‘Drama’ with its powerful track loop and captivating hook. This album showcases aespa’s vocal growth with a variety of genres including charismatic hip-hop, lovely bright dance music, and sweet acoustic pop.

With this album, aespa brings a new chapter to their SMCU lore by writing stories on their own way through unique music and visuals – now breaking out from the trauma caused by a series of events with Season 1’s ‘SYNK OUT’ and ‘Hallucination Quest’, and also the unknown anomalies in Season 2.

Aespa - Drama - The 4th Mini Album (Sequence Ver.) [Limited Edition]
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Big Big Love is the first single from the eponymous album that is a mantra for embracing humanity with kindness.  The single will be released in conjunction with the Michael Franti & Spearhead tour date celebrating a return to Red Rocks on June 2.  Franti announced the US Big Big Love tour on January 31 which launched May 13 and runs through August 20.

Michael Franti is a globally recognized musician, humanitarian, activist, and award-winning filmmaker revered for his  high-energy live shows, inspiring music, devotion to health and wellness, worldwide philanthropic efforts and the power of optimism.  Throughout his multi-decade career, Franti has earned three Billboard No. 1's with triumphantly hopeful hits "Sound of Sunshine," "Say Hey (I Love You)," and "I Got You," as well as sic Top 30 Hot AC singles, 10 Top 25 AAA singles and three Billboard Top 5 Rock Albums.  

Michael Franti & Spearhead continue to foster their community both on and off stage with a wish granting non-profit, Do It For The Love, founded by Franti and his wife, Sara.  Do It For The Love brings those with life threatening illnesses, veterans, and children with severe challenges to concerts worldwide, fulfilling over 3,300 wishes and touching the lives of over 12,000 people to date.  Franti also owns SOULSHINE Bali, a 32-room top-rated boutique retreat hotel located in Ubud, Bali.

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Big Big Love [Clear Highlighter Yellow LP]
$28.98 Video
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I've Mine

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An irreplaceable icon of K-pop, IVE, announces their return that is expected to be the peak of perfection. With expressions and performances that exude confidence and music that reflects a strong sense of identity, IVE will show a captivating transformation in their new album. There is no wavering when it comes to expressing oneself and through this message, IVE’s trajectory is becoming increasingly clear.   

IVE’s first mini album <I’VE MINE>, seamlessly navigates between their signature unique style and a bold new transformation. IVE’s new image is impressive in that it goes beyond music and evokes a broader theme. Their message of self-assurance remains constant, but their new change is sure to exceed everyone’s expectations.

Triple Title Tracks – IVE’s Endless Transformation

Through this album, IVE expresses a diverse range of images of oneself from varying perspectives. The three title tracks, ‘Either Way’ from the perspective of others, ‘Off The Record’ what we discover in each other and ‘Baddie’ finding another version of ourselves, all express an infinitely expanding message. The diverse ways of expression include showing curiosity from a young girl’s perspective and touching upon sensitive emotions to evoke empathy. The concepts of the three songs match the mood and style of each individual track and give a range of styles for listeners to enjoy.

The pre-release single, ‘Either Way’ is about oneself that is not free from the gaze of others. Beginning with dreamy synths, the track creates a lyrical atmosphere that blends seamlessly with the members’ emotional vocals to draw out the listener’s empathy. The lyrics “Let’s find the real me amidst the misunderstandings created by countless other people’s gazes” written by singer-songwriter Sunwoojunga, depict the irony and our experiences in modern society.

Another pre-release single, ‘Off The Record’ expresses IVE’s approach to love in a more familiar way. Written by Seo Ji Eum, who has been with IVE since the beginning of their career, ‘Off The Record’ portrays the stories of young girls who are curious about love during a deep, sleepless night. The track combines the colorful voices of the members over a rhythmic beat, evoking vivid emotions like a scene from a musical film. The song illustrates IVE’s secretive late night conversation, highlighting the curiosity and daring imagination that can only be felt before becoming adults.

The final title track, ‘Baddie’, defies all expectations. While delivering a message of self-assurance that is the core of IVE’s identity, it presents a completely different version of oneself that showcases a bold and cool IVE with a darker charm. With lyrics written by BIG Naughty, the song features a powerful trap beat and unique electric bass sound that makes the track simple yet full of sound. The addictive hook and powerful rap are more than enough for listeners to experience the unique charm of IVE that has never been seen before. 

IVE’s first mini album <I’VE MINE>, maintains the group’s distinctive style while showcasing unpredictable and endless new transformations. The overarching message remains constant: a narrative about the inherent charm in showing one’s real ‘self’ and not hesitating to directly speak up about honest emotions. Characterized by their confidence and style that resonates with everyone, IVE will continue to captivate audiences with their enduring stylishness. 

Ive - I've Mine
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After reaching a milestone with their Top 5 album on the Billboard 200, ENHYPEN members JUNGWON, HEESEUNG, JAY, JAKE, SUNGHOON, SUNOO and NI-KI are back with a new album titled ORANGE BLOOD to continue their story. Now available in the ENGENE Ver. with each version specific to each member. Contents of the album include CD, Photobook (random 1 of 7), Message Card, Photo Card A, Photo Card B (random 1 of 7), Postcard, Photo Sticker and Drawing Sticker. Dimensions: 182 x 132 x 11 mm.
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&TEAM’s first full album, First Howling : NOW will feature new songs as well as the songs which have been previously released in First Howling : ME and Howling : WE. The Limited Edition A (CD+Book) includes a 56-page photobook, 40-page lyric book, mini-poster, postcard, and photocard A (1 of 9 types / randomly enclosed).

&TEAM - First Howling : NOW [Limited Edition A] [CD+Book]

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